Thursday, 11 July 2013

Persian Flavours - this place brings a smile to my face...

This place brings a smile to my face. It's a local family restaurant that thrives despite the odds as can be seen by its high "like" rating. Great flavours excuses the location, best described as middle of nowhere suburbia and "home style service" as described wonderfully in Maebee's review. For those who get grumpy as they get hungrier, be warned, service can be very slow, and depending on your disposition, endearingly incompetent, or madly incompetent. We thought we hit upon the perfect plan to get around the service issues and order takeaway well in advance of hunger pangs. We allowed one hour before pick up. Arrived to find the service counter in chaos and a wait of an additional 30mins! So why do I love it? The food is great. The spices in the dishes sing and is spot on. And OMG, the fresh nan/naan - plain or garlic (and undoubtedly the whole range) is to die for. The simple mint masie is a variation on the Indian raita, but for some reason, just memorable for being well done and worth every cent of the $1.80 per serve. Love the Kismish Polow (rice with sultana/burberry?, fried onion and saffron), again a simple dish done well. Everything I've tried on the menu I've loved, including the french fries! So service is slow, sometimes a bit uncoordinated, but geez, they try and for some reason you can't help but barrack for them to succeed.

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