Thursday, 11 July 2013

Grain Asian Cafe - neither fashionable, nor pretty...

Neither fashionable, nor pretty, this Box Hill Centro food court stalwart serves up quick and tasty rice and noodle classics like char kway teow, wonton noodles, and pork spare ribs and rice. Plus heaps more, but difficult to get past personal favourites like beef brisket with rice noodles (or try it in combination with their bouncy homemade fish balls). Grab a table, catch the eye of a wait staff and help yourself to tea and condiments from the service area. It's cash only and you pay upfront when your order is taken (they'll bring change back for you and a table number). Place can be busy, but I have always found service efficient. Not overly friendly, but attentive and polite. Great for quick fix of Cantonese comfort food and watching other hungry diners tuck in with gusto.

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