Thursday, 11 July 2013

Holgate Brewhouse

A friend and I took a day trip to visit Hanging Rock and to check out the Holgate pub for lunch. The food was well priced and what others were eating looked tasty. There appears to be two areas for food: one for bar meals and the other a restaurant. For bar meals patrons are asked to order and pay at the bar. Here comes the back story of why I'll never go back. I and four other customers politely waited in queue only to be ignored for 20 minutes. It appeared that the bar staff gave 100% attention to those buying alcohol and only once all drinkers were taken care of did they bother to notice those who wanted to order food. Is there a hidden message here? Management want customers to only eat in the restaurant section instead? My friend's sausages were good, but not worth it for the irritation of the weird ordering system - how hard is it to have a separate POS for food and one for the bar? Or the slightly depressing feel of bland decor once you get beyond the front bar. Once my undercooked and over spiced wedges arrived I really was convinced the whole Holgate exercise was not a good one. I was wanting to try the beer tasting plate but was so disgusted from being ignored I didn't want to spend anymore money. We went because it was billed as a foodie stop. Don't think it lives up to that call.

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