Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cru Cafe in Kew

Ended up at Cru one day, having been forgotten at Snow Pony (another story) down the road. Cafe looks deceptively cramp from the street, but actually has a lovely back courtyard. Funky and cool vibe without intimidating those of us who aren't! Friendly service. Busy place. Were told it could be a long wait on the food orders and asked if that was all right which is always appreciated. It was a late Sunday arvo lunch, so we were happy to hang.
The soy cappuccino - for the art
The Stop 80 brioche burger was fun and tasty. The coffees were good and there was no more than the usual wait for them. A side note (so my buddy can “let it go”) – she decided to go for a soy cappuccino instead of her usual soy latte - for the art. Her cap came out with “soy” written on it! Hilarious. Mine (full cream cap) had the usual brilliant feathering art. She claims discrimination as a soy drinker, on top of the 50c plus premium soy drinkers already gripe about. Added to my growing list of fav cafe choices.

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